Due to unforeseen real-life events, I will be taking an indefinite, near-total hiatus from EVE effective immediately.

  • The United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] (Discord) will continue to operate at full capacity. I will be stepping down as USIA Co-Head, and USIA Co-Head Imiarr Timshae will become the singular Head of USIA. I will continue to maintain the USIA Website and USIA Forum Advert, however.
  • Lotek Academy [LTKAZ] will continue to be made available to USIA members as a matter of convenience for easy client access as well as for its passive benefits (permanent war immunity, 0% tax, unrestricted access to 1,000+ distinct ME10/TE20 BPOs).
  • The AeT Discord and websites will be suspended
  • I will not be running for CSM16 as I had been planning

In the meantime, the best way to contact me would be via email (Archer.EnTilavine@LotekOfNewEden.Org); it is not clear at this time if I will be readily accessible via Discord or EVEmail as I will likely log in far less often as I have been up until now (though I’ll probably log in for daily SP so I might still check for EVEmail). I look forward to returning to EVE at some point in the future.

– Archer en Tilavine

P.S. While I’m gone, I invite everyone to check out the

United Standings Improvement Agency

P.P.S. Since it’s still being heavily referenced, here is my The Theory and Practice of Speed Tanking (WIP) Guide. I regret that I have not had the opportunity to update and republish the other guides I have written.