Selling Killrights

When you are illegally attacked, you obtain the legal right to attack that individual for a limited period of time (~30 days). You may sell your right to kill that individual, or give it up for free, to any interested or designated party in a few easy steps:

  1. Open your character sheet > Kill Rights tab
  2. Click the menu icon next to the Kill Right
  1. Specify to whom you want to make the Kill Right available to:
    • Everyone (good if you don’t care who gets the glory as long as if you get revenge)
    • My Corporation (good if you want your corporation to get revenge and glory)
    • Specific Entity (good if you are selling the Kill Right, or want to take the enemy by surprise on an alt)
  2. Specify the ISK cost per activation of the kill right, and the designated entity (if applicable). Feel free to specify 0 ISK if you just want the bastard dead by anyone’s hand!


  • Kill Rights do not apply to attackers in a corporation or alliance at war
  • Kill Rights are earned even if you did not lose your ship or pod. You just need to be attacked
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