Scanning and Uploading (Enemy) Ship Fittings and Contents

Ship scanners are modules that allow you to determine what modules and subsystems (but not rigs?) a player’s ship is currently using. When used at optimum range, the ship scanner will open a window listing (almost) all of the ship’s outfit. When used farther (or closer?) than the optimum range, some modules may not appear in the list; however, taking repeated scans, and cascading the results, will yield valuable intelligence to the corp/alliance war effort.

Similarly, Cargo Scanners can be used to determine what cargo a ship is carrying. This is useful for determining what kind of ammo the enemy is using, what supplies they are freighting, etc.


  1. A Ship Scanner Module
  2. An expendable ship such as a Rookie Ship or Interceptor-series Frigate (highly recommended)
  3. Sensor Booster (w/ Targetting Range Script) and Signal Amplifiers until ship’s targetting range meets or exceeds Scanner module optimum range (highly recommended)
  4. Passive target modules so the enemy doesn’t know you’re scanning them if you’re (using an alt) not at war with them (optional)
  5. A Cargo Scanner Module (optional)
  6. Buffers to ensure you survive long enough to scan the ship (not recommended)
  7. Defensive modules such as warp core stabilizers and repair units if you intend for your ship to survive (not recommended)

Obtaining and Uploading Intelligence

  1. Approach and keep at range of the ship you want to scan so that your distance to them is about the ship scanner module’s optimum range
  2. Activate your sensor booster
  3. Activate your passive targeter (optional)
  4. Target the ship and activate your ship scanner
  5. Arrange the window so that it is next to the target icon (see example below)
  6. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (this will save the screenshot to the EVE capture directory)
  7. Repeatedly scan the enemy ship and take screenshots until you are certain you’ve identified all the modules (optional)
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for cargo scanning (optional)
  9. Go to the EVE capture directory (On Windows PC: My Documents/EVE/capture/Screenshots), open the image(s), and crop them accordingly. If you took multiple images, you may consolidate them so that all the modules used are listed.
  10. Supply the information to your corporation