Suicide Ganking


Suicide Ganking is the process of attempting to quickly eliminate a target in a manner that is very likely, or even guaranteed, to result in your own destruction.

Suicide Ganking seeks to balance gains while minimizing probably or known losses. Thus, suicide gankers often use very cheap, pure offensive “glass cannon” (usually destroyers) to eliminate their target. Reasons for Suicide Ganking include, but are not limited to:

  • Destroy target containing valuable modules/cargo
  • Destroy target with high bounty to claim the bounty
  • Destroy strategic target (ie. war targets or rivals)
  • Destroy resource leechers
  • Add a trophy to your killboard
  • Griefing is sadistically fun

While there is some overlap, the mechanics of Suicide Ganking differ heavily between Hisec by someone with whom you are not at war, and in Dangersec or in Hisec by someone with whom you are at war.

Suicide Ganking in Hisec by Non-War Targets

CONCORD and Crime

  • Criminal activity will result in CONCORD arriving and destroying your ship (but never your pod) for the duration of the Criminal Timer
    • War legalizes combat in Hisec, so this does not apply to attack by a war target
  • CONCORD arrival times depend on:
    • Security Level of System (1.0 = instant, .5 = average 10 seconds)
    • Position of CONCORD forces
  • Suicide gankers attempt to destroy targets before CONCORD arrives
    • They fit extremely cheap but effective (“glass cannon”) ships so they don’t lose much in the process
    • Destroyers typically used in suicide gank fits

Delaying CONCORD

  • CONCORD’s arrival can be delayed, thereby giving suicide gankers more time to finish their target before they are destroyed
  • This is accomplished by purposefully committing crimes elsewhere in the system to draw CONCORD’s forces away from the intended strike location
  • The farther CONCORD forces are from the intended target, the longer it will take for them to arrive
    • Example: in .5 systems, it may take longer than 10 seconds for CONCORD to arrive if they have been dispatched elsewhere
    • It is believed that up to 50% more time can be gained by luring CONCORD elsewhere

Using CONCORD As Your Bodyguard

  • The mechanics used to delay CONCORD can be reversed: have an alt or a fleetmate commit a crime in the area of operations so CONCORD will already be in the area if a suicide ganker arrives.
    • Rookie ships are ideal, as they cost nothing to lose
    • Crimes can be as simple as attacking yourself, an asteroid, a station, etc
  • If a suicide ganker arrives, warp out! CONCORD will cover you if the need arises.
  • If CONCORD leaves the area, so should you!
    • This means either:
      • The ganker committed a crime elsewhere, thereby drawing CONCORD’s forces. This could indicate they plan to strike your location
      • Some other game mechanic (eg. timer expires) caused CONCORD to leave
    • Feel free to bring CONCORD back by having an alt or fleetmate commit another crime in the area of operations
  • This method is unique to operating in Hisec against pirates. This will not work in Dangersec or against a war target in Hisec, or against targets in Hisec that can legally attack you.

Threat Assessment of Suicide Ganking in Hisec by non-War Targets

  • Hisec suicide ganking is a very real, increasingly common threat
  • Popularity has increased significantly with the rise of CODE and the notoriety of their ruthless tactics
  • The Gallente and Caldari are at greatest threat
    • CODE is believed to primarily operate in Gallente space
    • Virtually all griefers have at least some presence in Caldari space, especially around Jita

Suicide Ganking in Dangersec, or in Hisec by War-Targets

  • CONCORD offers no protection is against crimes in Dangersec, or when attacked by war targets in Highsec
    • In lowsec, CONCORD still monitors crime for the purposes of updating a player’s security status, but does not offer the player any protection otherwise
  • Non-War Target Suicide Gankers are not under the same time constraints as they are in Hisec
    • They don’t have to worry about CONCORD destroying them after – there is a substantially higher probability of surviving the attempt for the Suicide Ganker
    • They only need to destroy the target in before reinforcements arrive or they manage to escape
  • Suicide ganking under these conditions is substantially more open ended, dangerous, and commonplace

General Suicide Ganking Tactics

  • Destroyers are frequently used
    • Very cheap
    • 8 turret/missile slots
    • Drone bay
  • Points/Scrams used to prevent target escape
  • Professional gankers almost always operate in fleets
  • Minimal defenses

Suicide Ganking Countermeasures

  • Operate in Fleets (especially while mining in lower security Hisec systems)
  • Always use the Directional Scanner, even in Hisec, even if you’re not at war
    • Miners usually sit and wait around for asteroids to deplete, so they are excellent candidates for constantly D-Scanning
    • At least one fleetmate should be committed to the role of constant D-Scanning
  • Always use CONCORD as your bodyguard in Hisec
  • If appropriate to your role:
    • equip warp stabilizers to mitigate the effects of points/scram
    • equip cloaking device; activate it until it is safe for you to leave the area