Safe Anywhere Using Covert Cloaks

There are many steps you can take to maximize your survival: Defensive D-Scanning, Instant Warping, Monitoring Local, just to name a few. But what if it was possible, for all intents and purposes, to be truly safe anytime anywhere? While there is no such thing in EVE (apart from POS reinforcement timers), there is something pretty darn close: A Covert Cloak.

A Covert Cloak is like a regular cloak except that it can be used initiating and during warp. You cannot be directly harmed while cloaked (but areas of effects will still impact you normally), but you will be able to escape right under the nose of the enemy. Nothing, not even an interdiction sphere, will cause you to decloak except decloaking manually and ‘bumping’ a non-stealth entity (ie. being within 2500m). If you run into an interdiction sphere, your warp will halt but your cloak will remain; you can literally “walk through” it at this point.

The one dirty trick to foil the use of cloaks is to combine interdiction spheres with the use of “collision mines” – objects scattered in a grid to increase the probability of causing cloaked ships to ‘bump’ into them and decloak. This is called an “Interdiction Minefield”1)This is a term I coined; to my knowledge it has not been called by any other name before. This is commonly done along the paths between stargates. A simple way to decrease the likelihood of running into an interdiction minefield is to first jump to another site other than a warpgate (or other popular warp-to sites like asteroid belts) first before jumping to the warp gate to change the arrival trajectory. It may also help to jump a certain distance away instead of 0km; you will have to navigate towards the gate, but at least you won’t run into an interdiction minefield headfirst.

Covert Cloak Capable Ships

Not all ships can use a Covert Cloak; only ships explicitly stating in their description that they can equip a covert cloak can use them. (Every other ship can use a non-covert cloak.) But if you’d like to be able to operate proficiently and with maximum survivability, you will want to specialize in at least one ship class that utilizes a covert cloak:

Covert Ops
Exploration Stealth Bomber Strategic Cruisers
(Covert Reconfiguration Subsystem)
Force Recon Blockade Runner
Amarr Anathema Purifier Legion Pilgrim Prorator
Caldari Buzzard Manticore Tengu Falcon Crane
Gallente Helios Nemesis Proteus Arazu Viator
Minmatar Cheetah Hound Loki Rapier Prowler
Astero Sisters of EVE (Gallente/Amarr) Exploration
Stratios Sisters of EVE (Gallente/Amarr) Exploration, Combat
Prospect ORE Guerilla Ore/Gas Harvesting
Some Special Edition Ships  Misc Misc

Special Mention: Black Ops

Black Ops are Battleships that, while unable to equip a Covert Cloak, are able to move faster when a Non-Covert Cloak is active then when one isn’t. This gives them substantial mobility in planning and evading (but not escaping!) an ambush. In addition to having terrible firepower (and EWAR capability for the Caldari variety), they can also can use Covert Cynosural Field Generators and Covert Jump Portal Generators.

General Advice

  • The skills needed to train a Prospect and Covert Ops Frigate can be acquired in less than a month. They are also relatively cheap to acquire (especially if your corporation is willing to help you out!)
    • A Prospect would allow you to mine in peace. Hostile paying you a visit at an asteroid belt? Combat Probes appearing in your D-Scan? Simply cloak up and warp away unharmed. You may even be able to ignore the rats attacking you (except for Sleepers in w-space); At worst, only a light and expendable guard is needed to ward off the rats, even in w-space.
    • An Exploration Covert Ops Frigate would enable you to obtain rare, valuable treasures from relic and data sites for sale in market. This is a perfectly soloable endeavor.
    • A Stealth Bomber is primarily used in PVP for taking out larger targets. They are far more dangerous outside of Hisec, as they can use bombs without being CONCORDed
  • Blockade runners are equally easy to train for, though require a bit more of an investment.
  • Covert Cloaked ships, when used in conjunction with the Instant Undock technique,  are 99.9999999% safe to undock at any station, even trade hubs swarmed with hostiles. By the time human error leads to the destruction of your ship, it would have paid itself off several times over.
  • Unless you accidentally bump into a non-cloaked entity, it is very unlikely you will decloak upon arriving at a gate camp. Manual flying, in conjunction with setting your Overview to All, will ensure you don’t bump anything when trying to navigate around a gate camp.
  • While being cloaked makes you invisible, it does not make you invulnerable: you will still be impacted by Areas of Effect normally, though they will not cause you to decloak.

Footnotes   [ + ]

1. This is a term I coined; to my knowledge it has not been called by any other name before