Risk Aversion vs Risk Control

If you are outgunned, outmaneuvered, and perhaps even outsmarted, it is easy to feel a sense of selflessness. Short of surrendering or leaving their corp/alliance, many capsuleers feel their only options are to remain docked at all times, or to play on neutral alts for the duration of the war, or to relocate operations to an area far from known WT activity, etc. All of these options amount to defeat in the worst sense: submitting to conscious decision to refrain from operating freely out aversion to risk. Yet, there is no reason why you cannot operate freely even in extremely hostile environments: the key lies not in what you do, but rather in how you do it.

The Secret to Success in EVE™ is not to avoid risk, but to control it.

  • Remain vigilant at all times so you remain in control of your responses to rapidly changing situations
  • Take simple steps to considerably improve your gains and survivability. Examples: getting feedback on simulated fits before buying and fielding them, aligning to warp, monitoring local and d-scan, etc.
  • Make sure the reward is worth the risk, and that you are relatively easily and quickly able to recover from the worst case scenario. Putting all your wealth into a single super ship won’t do much for you if that ship blows up, for example
  • Pace yourself toward learning the art of EVE (especially with regards to PVP Avoidance and Situational Awareness), and practice all that you’ve learned until it becomes an automatic reflex.

If you ever feel “I can’t do X because it’s too dangerous”, think back to your training and consult veteran players to see if and how it would be possible for you to do what you want to do without fear of losses. In particular, don’t ever feel like you cannot operate normally just because your corp/alliance is at war. After all, underestimating your ability to control risk can be just as crippling as overestimating your ability to control risk.

When in doubt, consider resorting to Guerilla Operation and Warfare Strategy and Tactics (GOWST).