Invulnerable Undock

When you undock from a station, you are invulnerable for up to 10 seconds provided you don’t make any movement other than changing your speed. You can leverage this invulnerability towards escaping a station under siege. Here is how to make the most of this invulnerability.

  1. Undock from a station. It doesn’t matter what ship you use, or even if you are in a capsule
  2. As soon as you undock, come to a full stop. You can either press the full-stop button in your HUD, or press Ctrl+Space
  3. If it is safe to move (ie. warp somewhere), then do so; otherwise, dock back in the station

By having stopped moving as soon as you leave the station, you make docking virtually instantaneous

Note that this invulnerability can also be utilized in other ways:

  • A fleet looking to undock and warp together will have invulnerability until everyone is undocked
  • If you are under siege, someone could undock and remain still for 10 seconds to attract everyone’s attention, thereby serving as a decoy for the real escape or eve as a diversion for the rescue team
  • The Instant Undock technique, a special case of the Instant Warp technique, provides a means of instantly warping a great distance away upon undocking, thereby allowing you to break through a siege regardless of how slow your ship would be able to align and accelerate to warp normally.

If you are in an extremely fast-to-warp ship (quick to align and accelerate to warp), such as a capsule, shuttle, or attack-class frigate, then it is unlikely anyone would be able to stop you from warping.