Instant Warp

In order for warping to take place, your ship must be aligned to the warp target, and your ship’s velocity must be at least 75% of the current maximum velocity. In order to make a speedy escape from ambush by hostile players, it is often helpful to be already aligned and in motion towards your warp target. This is especially important for expensive ships, and ship that take a long time to align and accelerate to warp.

The technique is quite simple:

  1. Position yourself where you need to be
  2. Align to the warp target. This can be done in a few ways:
    • Select target in overview, and select either approach or align to (they effectively do the same thing)
    • Select align to from the warp target context menu. This also works for bookmarks
  3. Increase your velocity to at least 75% of your current velocity
  4. When you’re ready to warp, engage and you will warp instantly without delay

Realignment after Relocation

When you need to move your ship, you create a window of vulnerability in which you will not be able to immediately evacuate the area if you were to be ambushed by hostile players. Use situational awareness techniques to ensure it is safe for you to relocate. If you have a fleet to protect you, or if you are in Hisec and there are no war targets, or if you are in a deserted system (apart from known friendlies), then it is relatively safe for you to reposition your ship and realign yourself in preparation for instant warp.

Other Safety Considerations

While Instant Warp will ensure you leave the immediate area before you are warp jammed and destroyed, the technique is only effective if your warp destination itself is safe. Docking in a station will preserve your ship, though it might be difficult to leave if the station comes under siege. Warping to a previously established safe spot will make it difficult, but not impossible, for the enemy to pursue. Jumping a gate might result in you finding yourself at a gate camp, unless your fleetmates have scouted ahead and ensured the way is clear.

Instant Undock

Instant Undock is a technique that combines Invulnerable Undocking with Instant Warping to instantly warp a great distance away from the station upon undock, thereby allowed you to escape a station under siege. Once you’re at a safe distance from the station, then you can take the time to warp to your intended destination.

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