Instant Undock

Instant Undock is a technique that combines Invulnerable Undocking with Instant Warping to instantly warp a great distance away from the station upon undock, thereby allowed you to escape a station under siege. Once you’re at a safe distance from the station, then you can take the time to warp to your intended destination. The process is simple:

  • Undock from the station containing the Instant Undock Bookmark
  • Warp to the previously established Instant Undock bookmark

That’s all there is to it!

How It Works

In order to initiate warp, you must align to the destination and attain a velocity of at least 75% of your current maximum velocity. Since you always undock at maximum velocity and relatively straight in front of the station’s docking bay, you will be able to warp to any location directly in front of the undock path almost instantly. By planting a bookmark a great distance away in the front of the undock path, then only an extremely minor alignment is needed in order to initiate warp. This takes a split second even in the least agile of ships, and you’ll be long gone before hostile players can react to your appearance, lock on to you, and jam your drives or take you out. There is very little variation in the undock angle, so as long as the bookmark is relatively straight, you should warp away instantly. Since you are invulnerable for several seconds (provided you don’t do anything other than maybe changing your speed), when you undock from a station, you won’t have to worry about getting jammed/attacked prior to warping out.

In order to use the Instant Undock technique, you need to have previously established the Instant Undock bookmark first. Note that each station must have its own Instant Undock Bookmark; therefore it would be advisable to include the name of the station in the name of the Instant Undock Bookmark

Instant Undock bookmarks must be a minimum of 100km from the station in order to work; this is the minimum distance required in order to initiate jump to another point in space. The further away the instant undock bookmark, the better: that way, it is unlikely enemy forces will be able to approach your destination before you’ve warped out a second time.

Creating Instant Undock Bookmarks

  1. Outfit a tackle frigate with a Micro warpdrive
  2. Instant Undock. If there are hostile players present, then dock and try again later
  3. Activate your Microwarp drive
  4. Fly for as long as possible. Several minutes would be fantastic. An hour or more would be even better.
  5. After a while, create a bookmark, and label it as an Instant Undock for that Station. Feel free to make it a Corporation bookmark if such a bookmark does not already exist

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