2-Second Warp Out

Some spacecraft such as capsules, shuttles, and specially-designed frigates can align and accelerate to warp so quickly that you will be long gone by the time the enemy reacts to your presence, acquires target lock, jams your warp drives, and destroys your ship & loot the spoils. Additionally, these ships have such a small signature radius that most enemy ships cannot even acquire target lock in this time frame. In practice, this makes travel 99% safe as long as the enemy isn’t using warp disruption fields; since these are illegal in hisec and lowsec, they essentially provide a means of safe travel in Empire space.

Note that since EVE operates in 1 second ticks, all theoretical align times are rounded up to the nearest second. Therefore, align times of 1.1s and 1.9s are equally effective as 2s align times. For all intents and purposes, any align time of 2s or less will be virtually impossible to intercept in Empire space.

Improving Agility

Higher Agility stems from having lower ship mass or lower inertia, high skills, and boosters. There are modules and rigs that can do both. You can also improve your agility by training certain skills such as Evasive Maneuvering, Spaceship Command, and Advanced Spaceship Command. With regards to boosters, you have permanent boosters in the form of implants (some implants offer agility bonuses), and you have temporary boosters that will give you improved performance in a certain area (such as agility) for a limited duration.

Is My Ship Capable of a 2 Second Warp Out?

Use a fitting manager such as Osmium to determine if your ship is capable of a 2 Second Warp Out. A Fitting manager considers the effects of your fit, your skills, your implants, and any active boosters to compute the theoretical and actual align time, among other things. The easiest way to input all this information is to upload your character information via API key.

The actual align time is always the theoretical align time rounded up to the nearest second. For this reason, a theoretical align time of 1.1 is no better than a theoretical align time of 1.9 or 2, because the actual align time will be 2 for all three of them.

Please note that the theoretical align time will increase when an AB or MWD is active; however, what matters is the align time when they disengaged as is the case when undocking from a station or jumping a gate. A fitting manager will show you the align time based on the currently engaged modules in your fit. In the below image, you can see that I achieve a 2 second actual (and theoretical) align time when my AB is disengaged.

UntitledShips Easily Capable of 2 Second Warp Out


Far from being useless, Shuttles are among the best ships for traveling freely in Empire space.

All shuttles have a small cargo hold of at least 10m3, which can be used for shipping extremely valuable items of low volume, such as Blueprints and PLEX, relatively safely. Assuming no human error occurs and no suicide ganking occurs (such as using Area of Effect weapons in empire space, which would lead the originating player to get CONCORDed), there is virtually no risk in shipping such goods using a shuttle when combined with the Invulnerable Undock technique.

Shuttles are not to be confused with rookie ships, which are extremely slow to align and accelerate to warp, and therefore make terrible ships for long distance travel. Shuttles align and accelerate to warp faster than capsules, which already do a fairly good job, except that shuttles provide an extra layer of protection and some cargo space as well.


With appropriate modules and rigs, most frigates can have their align time reduced to 2s.

Caution: Vertical Undock NPC Stations

The undock path for some stations (in particular, Amarrian NPC stations) is directly down as opposed to somewhere on the XZ plane. Since most warpable points are more closely aligned with the XZ plane than with the Y axis, it will take longer to align to warp when undocking from a vertical undock NPC station than from any other station. For this reason, you should use the Invulnerable Undock technique to ensure the coast is clear before attempting to warp away. Furthermore, you are encouraged to create instant undock points for any vertical undock NPC station you frequently visit, such as the Amarrian tradehub.

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