Overcoming Gate Camps Metaguide

Gate Camps are perhaps the greatest challenge posed by war targets and pirates. For the unprepared, there is virtually no escaping being surrounded by hostiles upon jumping a gate; they will jam your warp drives, they will destroy you, and they will loot the spoils.

There are ways, however, to overcome gate camps. Some methods require the help of fleetmates, but others can be used when traveling solo.

Catch Me If You Can: 2-Second Warp Out

See the 2-Second Warp Out article.

If your ship is not capable of a 2-Second Warp Out, then it is liable to be ganked by gate camps unless as part of an escort.

Take a Detour: Scouting Ahead

See the Reconnaissance article.

Breaking Through: Tanking and Mitigating Warp Jamming

Though theoretically possible to accomplish on your own, it is highly advisable that you break through a gate camp as part of a well-defended convoy. The defenders should be able to at least distract the enemy long enough for the defendees to break through, and the defendees should consider investing in tanking equipment and/or warp core stabilizers to overcome modest hostile fire.

See the Fitting for Survival article for additional detail.

Can’t See Me Can’t Catch Me: Using Cloaks

Turning the Tables: Reverse Gate Camp Ambush

If you know the enemy’s fleet composition on the other side of a gate, then you can organize a fleet to jump the gate and ambush the enemy. Alternatively, you can jump a gate camp from their side, but this eliminates the element of surprise since jumping from the other side gives you up to 30 seconds cloak before you attack.

Locking Down a Gate: Inflicting Combat Timer Penalties on the Enemy

Whenever you engage combat on a capsuleer, a combat timer is activated that will prevent you from using stargates until the timer expires. If you encounter a gate camp and are attacked but do not attack back, then the enemy will not be able to follow you through to the other side if you manage to break through.

Nothing to Ambush: Acquisition on The Other Side

Instead of risking all your assets breaking through a gate camp, you can always build or buy what you need on the other side.

Someone Else’s Problem: Hiring Couriers

Another option is to higher a third party courier and let it be their problem to haul your goods. Be sure to set a reasonable collateral, one such that you will be as good as or better off than losing your goods in transit.