Racially Unique Fits

A racially unique fit is a fit for which there is no rough equivalent using the same tier and/or and hull size with other races. A racially unique fit exhibits racial bonuses and/or overcomes restrictions present in its racial counterparts. These two characteristics could be described as “soft limitations” and “hard limitations” with regards to fit capabilities

Soft Limitations: Racial Bonuses

As a rule of thumb, all fits should leverage the strengths offered by that ship’s racial bonuses, and should not leverage equipment for which bonuses are available only by other races. There are rare instances where it might be desirable to violate these guidelines. For example: non-Minmatar ships may employ projectile weapons as to provide secondary offensive power without compromising cap stability.

Hard Limitations: Ship Restrictions

Ship restrictions can severely limit or prohibit entirely the use of certain equipment. Restrictions include but are not limited to:

  • Turret and Missile Hardpoints
  • Drone Bay Capacity and Bandwidth
  • Ability to use special modules such as covert cloaks
  • Number of slots

Case Study: The Aldas

The Aldas is one of the few frigates builds that can contribute meaningfully by attacking at extreme range (~100km) with a complete set of 5 drones. For the most part, this distinction is restricted to the Gallente (the Tristan is the only T1 frigate that’s a true drone boat); while other races have ships that can deploy drones, they simply cannot use five at a time (with the exception of some faction variants).