Bases of Operation


A base of operation (“base”) provides you with a place to quickly, cheaply, and otherwise conveniently resupply close to your areas of operations. A good base usually exhibits one or more of the following:

  • Located at or near a tradehub
  • Located at or near a corporation office where goods can be procured or donated
  • Located at a Player-Owned Starbase (POS)
  • Located at or near a station containing preferred mission agents
  • Located at or near stations with useful, varied station services (eg. jump clones, refining, manufacturing, research, etc)
  • Located away from high war target activity if evading war, or located close to war target activity if fighting on the front lines
  • Located near the Areas of Operations of friends, corpmates, and allies

Corporation Bases

To obtain a current list of your corporation’s offices and stations: EVE Menu > Social > Corporation > Home Tab > Details Subtab > Headquarters, Offices list, and Stations lists.

Identifying Basemates

EVE Menu > Social > Corporation > Members tab > Click Base header to sort by base. Locate your base in the list.

Identifying Base Officers

  1. Identify Basemates (see above)
  2. Identify member titles in the title column
  3. To filter members by role, click the Role dropdown box (below where it says “Member List”) and select the role of interest.