Corporation Blueprints

Accessing Corporation Blueprints

  1. Open Industry Window
  2. Click Blueprints Tab
  3. In the first drop-down box, select “Owned by Corp”

You will see a list of all blueprints owned by the corporation and where they are currently located. You do not need to be at their location to see the list. Sorting the columns, and selecting additional filters will help narrow down your selection. Clicking a blueprint, or any of the activity icons on the blueprint entry, will install the blueprint for you to begin your job (manufacturing, material efficiency research, time efficiency research, copying, or invention).

Copying Blueprints

You can make as many Blueprint Copies (BPCs) from any Blueprint Original (BPO) the corporation owns. You can even specify how many runs each copy will have. Only a modest amount of ISK is required to make a copy. In general, you should never manufacture directly off of a BPO; instead, you should make a BPC and manufacture using it, thereby freeing the BPO for other uses (such as copying by corpmates or research).

Note that BPCs are requires to engage in invention (a probabilistic method of creating T2 BPCs from T1 BPCs).

Researching Blueprints

Blueprint Originals can be researched so that goods manufactured by them or their copies use fewer input materials (material efficiency, or ME) and require less time to complete (time efficiency, or TE). ME and TE can be improved by 10 levels each for a total of 10% ME and 20% TE. Note that researching can be very time consuming, and the BPO is not available for use while it is being researched. Therefore, permission should be obtained before researching time-consuming BPOs (those at higher levels of research and/or with larger time multipliers), and numerous copies should be made of the BPO for use by the corp in the interim while the BPO is being researched.