Civic Duty

As a member of any player corporation or alliance, it is your civic duty to be the corporation/alliance you want to be in. If the corporation/alliance isn’t at your liking, it is your responsibility to do something about it.

Common Grievances and Resolutions

Theme Typical Grievances Resolutions
Comrade Availability
  • Not enough members are on when I’m on
  • Not enough members like to do what I like to do
  • Not enough members operate where I like to operate
  • Speak with Leadership about becoming a recruiter. As a recruiter, you can target members by play time availability and/or by interests
  • Consider relocating to where other members operate
  • Consider participating in existing fleets rather than starting your own
Resource Allocation
  • Leadership is not allocating material resources or manpower to your cause
  • Speak with Leadership about forming a team dedicated to acquiring the material resources and manpower to concurrently advance your cause in parallel to other corp/alliance priorities
Misc. Grievances
  • I disagree with or have issues with the direction the corp/alliance is taking
  • Speak up! Consult with leadership. Don’t agree with their response? Speak up again! Don’t stop speaking up. Persistence pays off. If leadership doesn’t know you’re not satisfied with their responses, how can they make any improvements?
  • Take the initiative to address the issues or deficiencies yourself

How Not to Resolve Problems

Silently Leave

If you lack such initiative to even attempt to improve the state of the corp/alliance, most corps/alliances will kindly invite you to leave. Should you develop a pattern of leaving without first taking action, you will unlikely find a corp that suits you, and potentially suitable corps may be reluctant to accept someone whose employment history demonstrates them to be a vagabond.

Dramatic Exit

Many players feel the need to take a last stand and deliver a dramatic Corp/Alliance-wide EVEmail or soliloquy prior to leaving, typically including some kind of call to action of sorts (usually along the lines of “Your leaders have failed you! You all should leave the corp/alliance!”).

Such an effort is futile at worst and just plain embarrassing at best. You failed to take the initiative, so you think it appropriate to ask others to take initiative? You’re crying out because that’s what mature and successful capsuleers do? And even if you did manage to convince others to leave, you’d just be doing the corp/alliance a favor. Corps and alliances do not need members who lack spine.

Channeling Dissent into Organizing a Mutiny or Coup d’etat

Mutinies don’t make sense in the context of virtual MMOs. Things aren’t going your way, so you’re not going to do anything at all? Perfect way to better advance your goals and to better enjoy the game.

Coup d’etats are rarely legitimate. Drawing legitimacy to the cause first requires an honest, sustained effort to realize the change yourself. I most cases, the problem would then have resolved itself. If it hasn’t, then even if legitimacy has been established, it may not be technically feasible to actually take over due to the mechanics of corp/alliance management.

Leaving the Corp/Alliance

Your final duty to your corp or alliance is to submit your reasons for departure and feedback on concerns and areas in need of improvement regardless. You should uphold this duty whether or not you leave on amicable terms.