Training Members

Every corporation should provide training materials for members to improve their competency playing EVE and to ensure they are qualified to assume various ranks, roles, and responsibilities within the corporation.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

There are numerous already existing resources for players to learn more about EVE and how to master it. If you are willing to take the time to search, you will likely find the answers you are looking for. On occasion you will come across outdated materials, but to some extent they are still relevant and the differences to the way things are now are easily identifiable and accommodated for. Very rarely will you fail to find the answer you are looking for, in which case the EVE community (ie. forums, help channel, etc) and EVE support (ie. tickets) will usually have the answer.

Corporations should identified high-quality EVE informational resources and make them available to members. For the most part, new materials should only be written when:

  • The information does not already exist
  • A new perspective or cross-cutting concern is addressed across existing information
  • Existing information is inaccessible, and you wish to provide it is a more clear, precise, concise, and straightforward fashion
  • The information is specific to your corp or alliance and is inherently not portable elsewhere (ie. protocols, ranks, rules, etc)

Classes and Mentoring

Some players learn better from hands-on and/or interactive instruction than by simply hitting the books. While they might require more maintenance in this regard, they are no less valuable as comrades. Corporations should consider hosting classes and one-on-one sessions whether regularly or ad hoc. The EVE calendar is a great place to list future classes for all to see. If your website has a forum, blog, or calendar, then that would be another great place to list them.