Corporation Policies

Corporation policies establish in detail expectations and requirements of members and the manner in which they interact and operate. If policies are described in multiple locations, then the singular Corporation Policies document should either re-iterate or reference the other documents (such as the corporation charter), but not both.

Corporation Channel Policies

Typically, corporation channel policies focus on prohibitions across one or more corp-owned channels.

Common Universal Channel Policy Clauses

  • No spamming/flooding: try to combine multiple small messages into less frequent, large ones (ie. paragraphing)
  • Relocate fleet or other private conversations into their respective channels
  • Roleplay is encouraged/required
  • No personal attacks on other members: keep your personal conflicts off corporation channels
  • No unconstructive negative commentary that will unnecessarily lower morale or make the corporation look bad: keep it constructive, raise your concerns privately to an appropriate officer, or keep it to yourself.

Common Corp Channel Policy Clauses

  • The corp channel is intended for socializing, helping corpmates, organizing and forming fleets, organizing and planning events, and general discussion.
  • DO NOT discuss sensitive topics such as corp finances, war operations, or your/your corpmates’ ship losses in this channel.

Common Officer Channel Policy Clauses

  • The officer channel should be used constructively for administrative discussion and collaboration with other officers for the purposes of corp growth and improvement
  • The officer channel is not to be used to exclude the rest of the corp from non-administrative conversations

Multiple Character Membership Policies

  • Are corpmates allowed to have alts in the corp?
    • How is the main determined?
    • Are alts permitted to have ranks, or only the “corp main”?
  • Are corpmates allowed to have alts in other corps?

Hangar Access Policies

Hangar Access Policies dictate the acceptable, communal use of items accessible by members. While Hangar Access Policies won’t stop thieves or rogue members, they will ensure that members in good standing continue to operate in good faith.

Common Hangar Access Policies for Non-Traders

  • Members MUST NOT withdraw item their corporation characters cannot use at the present or near future
  • Items withdrawn MUST be used for direct consumption; members MAY NOT withdraw items for use by non-corporation alts or for resale

Common Hangar Access Policies for Traders

  • Traders must not resell items not marked for resale
  • With the sole exception of blueprint copies made from corporation-owned blueprint originals, 100% of the proceeds of the sale belongs to the corp; for blueprint copies made from corporation-owned blueprints, a significant commission of the sale proceeds goes to the corp.

Public Behavior Policies

Even non-diplomats play in role in public relations. Their behavior in public and when interacting with non-corpmates contributes towards your corp’s image. Public Behavior Policies help ensure the desired image is being projected while an undesirable image is not.

Common Public Behavior Policies

  • Members are required to abstain from responding to griefers in public chat, regardless of whether they are simply being a public nuisance or are bullying you or our corporation specifically.
  • Members are prohibited from communicating with war targets unless given authorization to do so.
    • If a war target initiates a conversation, it should be declined or closed immediately
    • EVEmails from war targets should not be replied to, but should be forwarded to an appropriate officer for review

Aggression Policies

Aggression Policies dictate under which circumstances it is acceptable to initiate combat with another player.

Common Pacifist Aggression Policies

  • NRDS: Not Red = Don’t Shoot!
  • Do not attack others unless they attack first, you are engaged in a duel with them, or they are war targets
  • If Friendly Fire is legal in the corporation, do not attack corpmates unless as part of a duel or a planned training exercise

Common Pirate Aggression Policies

  • NBSI: Not Blue (or Green) = Shoot It!
  • Anyone outside of your corp or alliance is fair game for attack
  • If Friendly Fire is legal in the corporation, do not attack corpmates unless as part of a duel or a planned training exercise

Common Nullsec Aggression Policies

  • Pacifist Aggression in Hisec and Lowsec
  • Pirate Aggression Policies in Nullsec
  • This arrangement allows your corporation to maintain a high security status with CONCORD, and also limits the types of engagements that can occur since certain ships and weapons cannot be used in Hisec or Lowsec

Website Account Policies

If your corporation has a website where accounts can be created, these policies restrict the creation and use of website accounts

Common Website Account Policy Clauses

  • One account per players (NOT per character or account)
  • Corp Channel policies apply to forum use.
  • Members who wish to list multiple unrelated items are encouraged to list them all in a single post in the ‘General’ forum.
  • Members must be supply a valid, compliant API-key in order to create and maintain an account on our website

Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement policies stipulates the conditions under which members can procure full or partial compensation for a destroyed ship or capsule.

Common Reimbursement Policy Clauses

  • Reimbursements will be given whenever no major breach of protocol exists in how the ship was used
    • If in fleet, you were following the orders of your Commander
    • You did not fly anything you could not afford to lose
    • You did not autopilot or engage in an activity while AFK (such as AFK mining)
    • You used a corporation-approved fit, or a fit deemed to be ‘good’ by a Fittingmaster
    • You and/or your fleet (“You”) as a whole were vigilant with regards to situational awareness
      • You monitored Local chat
      • You noted the presence of potential spies (ie. snooping players of a neutral corporation)
      • You constantly spammed D-scan and attempted to retreat when combat probes or warping ships were detected
  • Reimbursements may be reduced or waived depending on the number, frequency, repetition, and severity of protocol breaches
  • Reimbursements will only cover the cost associated with a baseline fit’s modules, not the costs of upgraded modules
  • Reimbursement for insurance premium will be given with proof of insurance (issue and payment)

API Key Policy

Many corps require members to surrender the API keys for some or all of their characters. There are many reasons for this, the most important being corporate security: In monitoring EVEmails and financial transactions, we can be reasonably sure that our members are not committing fraud or fraternizing with the enemy. API Keys can be managed at

Common API Key Policy Clauses

  • API Keys are required of all members before they are assigned any rank, role, or title
  • API Keys are required of all members creating accounts on our website in order for the account to be approved
  • API Keys are required for all owned accounts, not just those containing characters in the corporation
  • API Keys, at a minimum, must contain the following properties:
    • Type Character (as opposed to Corporation)
    • Shows all Characters
    • No Expiration
  • API Keys may be audited at random to ensure they remain accessible and in compliance. API Keys found not in compliance will result in the owning character’s website account being disabled; ranks, roles, and titles (temporarily) revoked, and the character in question being investigated for possible espionage
  • Unless otherwise specified, only the CEO will have access to the keys, and the keys will not be shared with anyone else. Not even Directors will have access to the API keys