Getting Started

Before you do anything else (travel far, join a player corporation, join a militia, etc), complete all of the following to get a solid grasp of EVE essentials.

  1. Complete the New Player Experience started upon creating a new character (for new account created after the release of the Ascension expansion.)
  2. Complete the Main Opportunities (those linked together) starting with “Welcome to New Eden”: EVE Menu > Opportunities Map. The others will typically complete themselves over time. You are welcome to revisit these opportunities at a later time.
  3. Do all of the Career Agent Missions: EVE Menu > Help > Show Career Agents. Do them in the following order:
    1. Military
    2. Advanced Military
    3. Mining
    4. Business
    5. Exploration
  4. Do several Level 1 Missions. Find a Level 1 Mission Agent using the Agent Finder: EVE Menu > People & Places > Agents Tab. For maximum fun and reward, only do missions from Security agents.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the EVE Menu and its options
  6. Familiarize yourself with the Game Options (shown when you hit the Escape key)