Griefer Corps & Alliances


  • Draws sadistic pleasure from griefing others, especially those perceived to be weak and naive.
  • Typically claims to operate under the pretense of offering mercenary services, but this is usually a public relations front for blatant piracy.
  • Wardecs hundreds of corps/alliances in order to gank in high-traffic areas (ie. Hisec)
  • Operations typically include:
    • Ganking via gate camps and roams
      • Gate camps typically occur on high-traffic gates, chokepoint gates, and Hisec-Dangersec bridges
    • Demoralizing targets through public and private communications, encouraging members to quit their corps
    • Infiltration espionage
    • T2/T3 production
  • Primarily fly larger ships in long-range configuration in order to quickly dispatch targets, with a preference for larger, slower, pricier targets
  • Often willing to suicide gank in some circumstances

Offensive Strategy

  • Large numbers of highly experienced pilots with high skillpoints flying high end ships would be necessary in order to face them head on. For this reason, guerilla tactics are generally advised instead of full frontal assaults
  • Most use large ships and ships with a long-range configuration, thereby making it easy to take out as many targets as possible from a stationary deployment. These ships are weak against short ranged vessels, and small & fast vessels with high orbital velocity
  • A swarm of cheap suicide gank fits can overtake one of their vessels when alone and far from reinforcements. They would have to destroy tens to hundreds of cheap suicide gank ships to make up for the loss of one of their pricey vessels

Defensive Strategy

  • Griefers rarely use ships that can travel quickly between systems, so it is very easy to escape their area of operations
  • Griefers rarely pursue specific targets as they prefer to remain in high traffic areas in order to gank as many targets as possible. If provoked, they may pursue as a matter of pride and principle, but the pursuits typically don’t last long as they would prefer to focus on high volume ganking rather than retribution against a small number of individuals who insulted them
  • Operating far from tradehubs in low-traffic areas rarely sees their presence unless they happen to also have a base in the area (esp. for manufacturing T2/T3 parts)
  • Lose interest in continuing war when their gains are low (ie. their targets easily evade them) and when they do not receive attention in the form of responding to their harassment in any way. In particular, this means:
    • Do not respond to their public taunts toward you or your corp/alliance
    • Do not accept or respond to private conversations from them
    • Do not leave your corp because they intimidated you for being in it
    • Always escape instead of fight back when the odds are clearly in their favor.

Examples of Archetypical Griefer Corps/Alliances:

  • Archetype.
  • Marmites
  • Short Bus Mercenaries
  • Free Candy Get in The Van
  • CODE.