Fleet Operations

Pre-Operations Checklist

  • Platinum Insurance
  • FC-approved fit (if seeking reimbursement)
  • Voice Comms set up (at FC’s discretion)
  • Ensure you have sufficient charges (often more than a fit provides)
  • Load charges (ammo, scripts, probes,etc)
  • Appropriate implant set (jump clones to switch sets as appropriate)
  • Change your ship name:
    • So it does not:
      • Identify you, your friends, your corp, or your alliance
      • Include the name of your fit (eg. “Lotek Zergling”)
    • Good ship name ideas include:
      • Something random
      • Something you have not used before (so enemies won’t guess who you are by your ship name if they’ve seen you before)
      • Something misleading. Since enemies can easily identify your the ship you’re in, it’s better to mislead on the configuration (such as “Longbow” on a short range ship) rather then lying about the ship you’re in (such as naming your shuttle a Dominix)

Operations Checklist

  • Align to warp
  • K-Space: Monitor Local
  • D-Scan (360 degrees, maximum range, PVP preset)

Post-Operations Checklist

  • Submit requests for Reimbursement
  • Take your cut and drop, contract, or trade over the rest