Fleet MOTD Template

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Rendezvous: [Location] @ XXXX XXXX = EVE time in military format (“eg. 2200 = 10pm GMT”)
Voice Channel:
=== Objectives ===
– Exploration (Data/Relic): Escort and defend exploration ships while they search for and hack cans
– Freight Convoy: Escort and defend transport ships Many fleets might require convoys throughout or in the second half. Thus, this is a common second objective
– Piracy: Gank easy targets in nullsec
– PVP Roam: Gank suspects, criminals, and war targets
– Ratting: [X]/10 sites
– Incursions: Limit [X] How many players max in fleet
– Mission Running: [NPC CORP] [L?] [TYPE ie. Security]
– Training:
– Mercoxit Mining
– Ore Mining: Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite, Dark Ochre, Gneiss, Spodumain, Hedbergite, Hemorphite, Jaspet, Kernite, Omber, Plagioclase, Pyroxeres, Scordite, Veldspar These ores are listed in order of greatest to least value. The priorities may change based on ore availability or what minerals are in short supply
– Ice Mining: Krystallos, Gelidus, Dark Glitter, Glare Crust; Blue Ice (O), Clear Icicle (He), Glacial Mass (H), White Glaze (N) Isotopes are only found in the Hisec ices, and they are only used for making fuel blocks. Apart from different isotopes, the highsec ices are identical to each other. Since fuel blocks are not interchangeable, the four Hisec ices are equivalent for all intents and purposes
– Gas Harvesting (Boosters): Amber (Shield), Golden (Missile), Viridian (Tracking), Celadon (Armor), Lime (Optimal Range), Malachite (Capacitor), Azure (Falloff), Mermillion (Sig Radius) Found in Hisec and Lowsec only. Most constellations do not contain gas, and those that do only contain one kind.
– Gas Harvesting (Fullerenes): C320, C540, C72, C28, C50, C32, C84, C60, C70 Found in w-space only. Multiple fullerenes may be found in any given reservoir. This list is partially sorted from greatest to least value
=== PVP Strategy === This section describes the conditions under which different members should pursue different strategies
– Fight:
– Defend:
– Flee:
—– Someone types jibberish like “dfsfdsfsdkfjhsdf”
—– Neutrals begin Bumping
—– Hostile Players appear
—– Unknown Players appear
—– CONCORD disappears
These only apply to (some) Hisec operations such as mining fleets.
– Surrender:
– Die:
=== Fleet Openings ===
– Needs:
– Wants:
– Acceptable:Examples: Anti-S, DPS, Tank, Logi, Command, EWAR, Harvesting, Recon, Long Range, Bait, CONCORD summoner
There are numerous factors that go into a role. While you might not get exactly what you want, you should specify them enough that they can be satisfied. Roles should be listed in order of preference. For example, in a mining fleet, you might NEED Logi support, you might WANT additional barges, and additional combat ships would be acceptable for joining.

With the exception of Incursions, “the more the merrier” usually applies, but not always. To say the least, additional pilots can serve as a decoy or distraction.

Feel free to link fits and fit series from Osmium.

=== Fleet Assignments ===
– Wing 1: …

– Squad 1: Attack…

– Squad 2: Defend…

– Squad 3: Logi…

– Squad 4: EWAR…

– Squad 5: Harvest…

=== Loot/Salvage Collection ===
We [WILL/WILL NOT] be collecting loot and salvage. Most of the time you will want to collect salvage, but there are a few times you won’t. For example: if you are doing low-end PVP (eg. L1-L3 missions or equivalent), or if you are looking to grind standings as fast as possible, then looting/salvaging will not be worth the time or effort.
Loot/Salvage Distribution: [FREE FOR ALL/AT THE END] Free For All is ideal. Any other mechanism can get sticky since other collection strategies are less efficient and unenforceable with game mechanics. At The End is enforceable by virtue of the entire loot history being made available and therefore accountable. Anything in-between the two extremes is not recommended
=== Jetcan Collection ===
“[RYOGA]” (Archer): donation to [RYOGA]

“[UIM]” (ClanLogan): redistributed at end

If multiple corps are collecting jetcans for different reasons, we need a way to ensure that the right jetcans are collected by the right people. There are a few ways to do this. If you check the owner of the jetcan and determine that person to be in your corp, then you can generally collect their can. Another way: whenever you jetcan, set the name of the can to the corp who should collect it and for what purpose as indicated to the left.
=== Standard Operating Procedures ===
Broadcasts should be made using the Fleet window.
Using Discord is encouraged but not required This can change as appropriate.
Random roll calls may be issued to ensure everyone is present and responsive. When a roll call is issued, you should say “PRESENT” as quickly as possible.
=== Fleet/Wing/Squad Commander Checklist  ===
[ ] I am using a tank without logistics capability Reason for tank: Commanders need to be on the battlefield in order to guide their fleet. If they go pop, they won’t be able to provide guidance. Reason for ZERO logistics: fleet commanders need to focus on calling out targets and monitoring fleetmates health, and cannot afford to be distracted with repair efforts.
[ ] I have informed the subcommanders of their role in the fleet, and in particular how they should operate as we are destroyed or become otherwise unavailable
[ ] I have shared available intelligience with regards to what to expect, how to prepare, what strategies to use, and what counters to expect used on me and to use on the enemy
[ ] I have shared the mission journal entry, and ensured all members of the fleet satisfy the ship restrictions for the mission at hand
[ ] I have approved the ships used by each member
[ ] I have gone through the checklists with each new member to the fleet
=== General Checklist ===
[ ] I am using an approved fit series, or have received permission from the commander to use my unapproved fit
[ ] I have had my ship insured with platinum insurance
[ ] I am not flying what I cannot afford to lose. That is, I could recoup the losses of this ship relatively easily and quickly, and my ability to perform in future operations will not be severely impacted by the loss of this ship.
[ ] I have reviewed my alliance’s and corp’s reimbursement policy and agree to the terms.
[ ] I acknowlege that if my ship is large, slow (to align and accelerate to warp), and pricy, then I should be accompanied by an escort to the rendezvous
[ ] I have brought plenty of spare ammo, charges, and/or drones. Replacement drones are carried with me in my cargo hold.
[ ] I am using a clone with an appropriate implant set, and will jump to a more appropriate clone if necessary
[ ] I have changed my ship name so that it does not identify me, my friends, my fleetmates, my corp, or my alliance, or include the name of my fit or describe my fit (eg. “Longbow”)