3rd Party

Affiliated 3rd Parties

Endorsed 3rd Parties

  • EVElopedia – Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine snapshot of the official EVE wiki before it was unfortunately retired. Note that you won’t be able to use the search feature, so you will need to navigate EVElopedia manually, or perhaps with the aid of an external search mechanism.
  • EVE University Wiki – Covers ~80% of the game’s mechanics (though I disagree with some of the advice, namely involving fitting)
  • Osmium – browser based fitting manager
  • EVE-Central – Market Data
  • DOTLAN – Maps, Agents, Stations, and More!
  • zKillboard – EVE Killboards
  • LP Stores Database – Lists Rewards by Faction and their LP, ISK, and Item requirements
  • Cerlestes – Ores, Minerals, Ice, Ice Products, and Market Trends
  • EVE Gate – Web portal for mail and notification. “Facebook-Lite” for EVE.
  • API Jackknife – View character/corporation info using an API key
  • API Management – Create and manage your API keys
  • EVE-Offline – check status of EVE/CCP servers
  • jEVEAssets – Asset Manager
  • games.chruker.dk/eve_online – Fantastic EVE database. The Inventory Search feature is particularly useful to find which NPC corps sell which items, such as BPOs, and for how much.
  • Planetary Interaction Visual Interface – shows you how materials harvested from planets relate to one another across the four stages of processing.