Opinion: Run in Maximized Windowed Mode instead of Fullscreen Mode

EVE can be run in Window mode, Fullscreen, and Fixed Window. Fullscreen gives you an immersive experience, but it makes it a pain to multitask (ie. Alt-Tabbing). By switching to Window mode, you can still maximize the game for a fullscreen experience while also being able to use other programs, and in particular web browsers. EVE and web browsing go hand-in-hand, and it’s very rare that one manages to play EVE without a web browser by its side – they’re useful for pulling up EVE related materials (reference charts, training guides, corp/alliance pages, fitting managers, etc) and misc things (Youtube, Email, etc) without compromising your ability to play the game at the same time.

Please note that running the game in Window mode would be of benefit to both single-screen and multi-screen users.

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