Archer en Tilavine for CSM12

EVE for Everyone!

I’m excited to announce that I will be running for CSM12, the 12th Council of Stellar Management, in which I hope to represent your interests in EVE and all of New Eden.

My Platform

My platform is simple: I want to promote

  • Long overdue bug fixes
  • Implementation of incomplete features
  • Rebalancing and completion of tiericide initiatives
  • Low-risk, low-cost, high reward enhancements applicable to the vast majority of players
  • Fixing Hisec PVP so it’s fairer for everyone, from mercs/griefers to carebears

While I certainly do not wish to deprioritize any demographic, I think it’s safe to say that CCP has a tendency to leave things half-baked in favor of novel features not necessarily of interest to most capsuleers; thus, it is my intention to serve as a counterweight to these inclinations, thereby promoting an EVE for Everyone!

Commitment to Feedback, Objectivity of Representation, and Full Disclosure

As CSM, I pledge to give full, objective consideration to all feedback regardless of its source (ie. enemies). I will not turn away CSM-relevant discussion from anybody via any means of communication. I further pledge to give full disclosure on any and all recommendations that would be of personal benefit to me, my corporation, my alliance, and all other affiliates of mine in EVE, and the manner in which we might benefit.

Relationship to Other CSM12 Candidates

I do not have any relationship with any other CSM12 candidate. I am not running against any other candidate, but rather am looking to run alongside them. Remember: when you vote, you are providing a ranked list of candidates you’d prefer to see win. The 9 most popular candidates will be elected. While I may not necessarily be at the top of your list, I would like to be on your list so I can represent you if elected.

My EVE Background

I am the founder and CEO of Ryoga Lonely Hearts [RYOGA], and the founder and executor of the Lotek of New Eden [LOTEK]. Both my corp and alliance aim to be New Eden’s largest, most active do-it-all, do-it-everywhere, casual-friendly, RL-first, community-first, new player-friendly, roleplayer-friendly organization. You might think to yourself “doesn’t every corp/alliance want to be like that?”, but the reality is that most corps/alliances are highly specialized and exclusive, even from the start, whereas I wish to be as all-inclusive as possible. We do have standards, however, so as inclusive as we are, we will exercise discretion when it comes to rejecting applications and evicting members, infrequent as these events may be.

My corp/alliance takes pride in our training regimen for newbies and up-and-coming pilots. As outlined in the Lotek Doctrine, we strongly emphasize:

  • Mastery of the small and cheap before the large and pricey
  • Training toward and acquiring standardized essential ships for standby
  • Guerilla Operations and Warfare Strategies and Tactics (GOWST) training
  • Self-sufficiency in resource harvesting and manufacturing

All of these elements are aimed at us mastering ‘the worst case scenario’, thereby allowing us to rapidly propel ourselves to the top even when we find ourselves at rock bottom.

I have learned much in my tenure as CEO and Executor, I have learned much from my alliancemates, both newbies and veterans alike. I have learned from friends and I have learned from my enemies. I have learned that I’ve much more to learn, but I am happy to share what I’ve learned thus far. I am committed to mastering EVE and helping others do the same, and, more importantly, I am committed toward making EVE fun and accessible to everyone regardless of devoted game time, ability, or financial means (ie. Alphas, $$$ to PLEX, etc); as your CSM representative, I am committing to improving EVE for Everyone!

My Real Life Background

I am a self-employed freelancer. Because I often work from home, I am able to spend a great amount of time on EVE on a daily basis, thereby being able to attend to the needs of my alliance and, as CSM, my fellow capsuleers. Most of my income comes from private tutoring (I LOVE teaching, as self-evident by my website, and as any of my alliancemates will tell you), but I also engage in software/web development (BS Computer Science), technical writing and editing, desktop publishing, vector graphic design, IT services (A+/Network+/Security+ certified), among other things. Basically, I do whatever I want, whenever I want, as often as I want, and call that a living.

Given my background in programming and computer technology, I have a very realistic and healthy empathy for the development demands and sustainability of EVE. Sure, I may not be a developer, but given my insight and external objectivity, I hope to be able to provide meaningful, practical, implementable recommendations toward improving EVE.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me at any time to voice your thoughts, concerns, and desires toward making EVE a better place for everyone.